Apr. 2nd, 2011

So Tired.

Apr. 2nd, 2011 01:50 pm
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ugghh. I am BEYOND exhausted >.<

I really really need to get my sleeping cycle back into normal parameters, but I just can't seem to do it. TT.TT

Ah, so tired. I need to stay up for the rest of today so i can go to sleep at a normal time tonight, but i dunno if i can pull it off haha. I swear if i drink anymore coffee i'm either gonna get sick or fly off into little bitty bits. and thinking?  well, thats a little hard right now. My room mate was talking to me earlier and i swear, it was almost like she was speaking another language it took me so long to catch on. argh.

plus i'm freezing, but when i put my jacket on i get too hot, so i'm sitting here shivering my ass off, but its like 67 degrees in the dorm, so its not THAT bad, but i'm soooo cold. plus my nose is running and I'm sneezing alot like I always do when i get tired, and ugh, i swear i've too much coffee and not enough food, or something, because my stomach is like... bleh,

and i think i might have pulled something in my chest somehow cause it's kinda achey, and twinges if i move to sharply, or breathe deeply, which is kinda hard in and of its self, because my chest feels a little tight, and my arm is still kinda numb and tingly like it fell asleep but only in the last two fingers, and thats been bugging me for days now. 

hmmm...and my hands a re even shakier than normal... i think thats the shivering though.

arggh, just a few more hours....

well actually I'm not that tired feeling anymore, but just kinda.... out of it. I've hit the "so tired i'm not tired " stage for the third time... >.<

This. i need to stop this.

lol, my friend suggested going and and doing something, and i told her "me? driving when i'm this tired? not a good idea."

last time i tried it i nearly got myself broadsided, that woke me up right quick, but i'd rather not risk it >.<

really wanna nap, but afriad I'll sleep through the alarm. god i need to get better habits *sweat drop*

sorry for ranting but i need to do something to stay awake at this point. gah.
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haha, was messing around making icons today. they suck XD I'm gonna have to learn all new skills for Icons *sighs* but i'd figured i'd share a few XD

they're pretty much all Mimi XD
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