Apr. 6th, 2011


Apr. 6th, 2011 10:41 pm
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Guys. I think... I'm gonna call a hiatus to my fics for a little while.

I just... I just got some bad news. One of my very very best friends passed away yesterday, and I'm flying back home for the funeral this weekend. and I really don't think I can write fic right now.

I don't think any of you guys knew her, she had an LJ but never updated it...

But I can't...She lived next door and was my best friend, and now Who am gonna be "unni" to? Where is my My Mochi-ah? Who is gonna be the Eunhyuk to my Donghae? the Taemin to my Key?

You... Stupid. stupid stupid stupid.

Why didn't you talk to me? Was it boredom? You had so much left to do, baby, and now its all gone like that?

i didn't hug you goodbye when i left after spring break, cause It was only going to be a month and a half till i came back home. I told myself I'd give you an extra big one when i got back. We never got to go that korean restaurant together like we swore we were gonna do. I can't buy you anymore rated M video games because you were too young, but i was trying to convert you into loving gaming. You didn't show me that really cute Chinese guy that you swore was the cutest thing ever.

You were gonna learn mandarin and teach me remember? Now who's gonna do that?

You can't argue with me over if YunJae is better than Jaemin, or Eunhae is better than HanHae.

The last thing you posted on my FB was about how Eunhyuk's one piece shirt reminded you of me. that was about a minute after the last post on your own wall. We were gonna watch that this summer. Remember? I promised you we'd start from the beginning. It was my favourite, and I really wanted to share it with you. I thought you would like it.

We never finished watching the SS2 DVD you gave me for Christmas. You may have been Shawol, but you always loved super junior too... Still, I remember how much you hugged me when you opened your Shinee album I bought you. I still feel guilty that your gift was so much more expensive than mine, but you were so damn excited when you gave it to me.

And you never beat final fantasy XIII did you? It was your favourite game though...

Who's gonna laugh at all our inside jokes now? I have no one to tell them to. Who else can i send into hysterical laughter by just saying "Donghae's..." or "Kyuhyun's face" ?

You aren't going to be able to feed me your culinary experiments, I've never met anyone else who makes Ramen tacos hahaha~

We can't drag you're mom into bringing us to taco bell late at night anymore. I can't just walk over and not even knock on your door before entering, and laughing my ass off when i surprise you so bad you jump a foot in the air.

Who's going to accompany me, When i go grocery shopping and I'm bored and end up dancing to Kpop in the middle of the frozen food section? Who else knows My unholy addiction to omelets? I can't make you anymore DVD's of MV's to watch. I can't laugh because you know all of the choreography to shinee's songs.

Who's going to bug me about getting a boyfriend? Get frustrated with me and make smart ass comments and faces, and stay on skype with me until 4 oclock in the morning?

When we first met, you didn't like K-pop. When we first met, you didn't even like asian stuff. When we first met, you never stayed up late. When we first met, you didn't play video games at all.

I don' t think I ever told you this, but you were like my little sister, Mochi-ah. If i wasn't at your house, then you were at mine. we were practically family.

Just, Mochi... Baby girl.... this was preventable. this didnt have to happen. You didn't want this. We didn't want this. So why? Why?

My baby-Mochi-Ah... I love you. Saranghae.


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