May. 28th, 2011

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I've been pretty absent from LJ for a while Haven't I? I'm sorry >.< A lot of stuff as happened and now I'm finally feeling the urge to post again.

I don't have any update on Child at Heart for anyone, sadly, but hopefully I'll push through and find the inspiration to write again... but no promises. I feel bad for leaving this so long, and teh next chapter is even half written, and I'm determined to get to the end of this one.

To celebrate my return to LJ I felt I'd Share some stuff that has built up over my Hiatus. Mainly some graphics, but there a few drabbles and ficlets in there too.

First of some HanHae
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and then some more walls
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Some Zhou Mi icons, just a few of the better ones lol.

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FICS BANNERS! For Only a Cat, and Child at Heart hehehehehe~

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And here are a few little drabbles from this meme i started but never finished. Figured I'd might as well post what I had.

Title: Not So Different
Characters: TVXQ's Changmin and U-kiss's Kevin
Summary: Kevin comes to Changmin with a little problem

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Title: Not so Bad
Pairings: HanMi, slight KyuChul
Summary: Han Geng has a a bone to pick with Zhou Mi

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Title: Not So Forgetten
Characters: Suju's Donghae and Arashi's Aiba Masaki
Summary: What happens you bump into your past but don't know it?

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