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man,  have a crap load of wallpapers to share lol

As usual, they are 1600x900

I have
[3] Kyuhyun
[1]Taguchi Junnosuke

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as always i have problem with linking so if the photo links don't work just copy and paste the links under each picture into the browser to go to the page it's on XD

here's the link to the Gallery that has all of the Wallpapers that I've made before.
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this is soooooo nice and pretty~ just had to share it really fast. god I love Beast. NEW version of Easy


Mar. 10th, 2010 02:51 pm
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OMG this MV is sooooooooo totally awesome, you have know freaking idea.

Beast's MV for their new song shock is out!!!!! Just now got a chance to watch it, boy is it amazing!!!!!!!!!!!

Wahhhh Yoseob is sooooooo COOL!! I like his hair now that its not blindingly bright. but Junhyung, he looks kinda like a thug or something XD. You know, I had the same thought looking at Shinee's Jonghyung's hair in the clips where it's short on the sides but kinda spiked up on top. nyahhhhhh. It' kinda made him look like he had a small head as well.

But now I'm confused!! I can't really tell Dongwoon from Doojoon from Kikwang. I'll figure it it out eventually but.... I WANT MY DONGWOON. I'm sad, He's my Favorite and I can't pick him out. I'm a bad fan.

But anyways, this song and mv is really cool, you guys have to watch it.


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