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Has anyone heard Gummy's new song Since He's a man? It's sooooo good you should good definitely give it a listen~ I'll probably post a the music video later, its really cute! the couple has really good chemistry~

in other matters it stormed all day today~ Finally made it home after errands and picking up dinner to find out the power was out - after a taking quite a detour because there was a huge crash on my normal route home~

But as far as school and errands went it was a pretty good day, made it through about six or seven chapters in my ap government study guide~ so i'm on schedule.

FYE was having  a nice little sale on their clearance T-shirts, and i managed to pick up a Naruto, a Bleach, and a death note shirt for my self and a Domo-Kun one for my sister for ten dollars and some odd change. not a bad deal if I do say so myself

not much else to say for today. and for today's wallpaper you're getting yamapi~ thanks Zvemi for directing me to those News Scans, They're quite nice.

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More attempts at wallies, it's kinda addicting to make them now that i'm kinda getting the hang of it. once again 1600x900
There is one of each member of NEWS

here is Ryo's the rest are under the cut!

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Nov. 4th, 2009 07:04 pm
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Oh my God!!!!! NEWS' new solo PV are here. I totally didn't realize!!!

They are soooooo awesome!

Massu's super man is sooooo cute but awesome at the same time. His dancing is greeat as always but he is still being such a dork in the other segments of the pv.

Koyama's love addiction pv makes me happy happy because, yay! studio recording! Love addiction is my all time favorite NEWS solo. he's totally hot in this pv. Go koyama!

Tegoshi's Ai nante is angsty like. but pretty japanese boy + singing in the rain = awesome?  Lot's of feeling in the song. I like this version of him soloing it.

I haven't watched the others yet I'm gonna go right now.

just couldn't resist posting about this. yay!


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