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You wanna know something?

I was thinking, about how I was kinda miffed about Sungmin and and Eunhyuk participating in this album. But now that I think about it, it provides a kinda cool opportunity for Fan Fic writers.

I mean, things have got to be different for M than the regular super junior. They aren't in their country, far away from their family and friends in a place where they don't know many people and barely speak the language. It stands to reason that they'd developed different rituals and habits while in M, than with regular super junior. They have to take on different responsibilties, more I think than normal, simply because there are less people to split the work among, and they have to work extra hard to cross the language and culture barrier. and living away from their friends and family and their home in close quarters with 6 other boys, it's almost inevitable that people who may not have been close while in korea will intereact and be closer while in china, simply as a coping mechanism, to share the experience with someone who knows exactly how you feel, someone who knows the homesickness, and the loneliness, and the strain of being out of your element and in a strange and unfamiliar place.

And these things, they might not transfer back when the boys are in super junior in any overt fashion, more than likely just kinda... lying dormant in a way, just an undercurrent in the daily interaction, until they return to M and they revert back to what works for them, which may not be what the others in Super Junior are used to, because even in the sub-groups of the boys who stayed in korea, they stayed in Korea , and that changes quite a bit.

But Sungmin and Eunhyuk, they are coming right into the middle of this, having to find their own coping mechanisms, find their own place, and their own relationships with their fellow members, because they won't really know anyone besides the members and their managers now will they? By this time the regular SJ-M has to have made some connections in china, have grown used to the culture and language in manner that Sungmin and Eunhyuk have yet to. So for Eunhyuk and Sungmin, its gotta be weird, almost like an alternate dimension of somehting.

Not to mention, They have unique experience of being able to observe and full appreciate the subtle, or not so subtle differences between super junior and Super Junior-M, from knowing them when they were in super junior, their habits and mannerisms, who they hung out with, what they normally handled at work, ect, when they were in Super junior, and new roles that they take when in M, the differences in interactions, the in jokes, the routines, things that maybe they were aware of before, from talking on the phone or after M's returns to Korea, but Never fully saw and witnessed, much less fully under stood.

It's really cool time to be a Eunhyuk or Sungmin writer, a great chance to delve not only into them, but their relationship with the M members and the Dynamics of M as whole.

I wish I felt confident enough to do it myself, but I don't write either of them, only Donghae and HanGeng and sometimes Siwon. and they won't have the same impact as writing from the POV of Eunhyuk or Sungmin who have one foot in Korea and a toe-hold in China, and aren't quite sure where to put their foot next. The rest of M have found fairly solid foundation to stand on by this point. not so for Sungmin and Eunhyuk, and it'll be interesting to see where they end up standing in the end.


Feb. 12th, 2011 02:04 am
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Because I need a kick in the ass.

Loooong Ass Sihae picspam below the cut.

Enjoy ^^
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Feb. 3rd, 2011 12:17 pm
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Needed something happy after that depressing last post, so you all get lot of Zhou Mi walls, because he makes me smile~ well super junior in genreal makes me smile, but Zhou Mi is one if the big ones haha~ he's cute~ Fang Shou came on today, and and it was so pretty I couldn't help but grin <3 <3 <3 fwaaaaaah Mimi! Wo Ai Ni! and Then Leeteuk and Shindong new trot song came on, and I was doubly happy~

Is it kinda pathetic if I admit I think Super Junior has been the only reason I've smile today? When I catch my self smile, I'm thinking of them, when I listen to their music I smiled, and when I read stuff about them and saw their pictures and videos I smiled, they make me happy haha!

but MIMI!!!! lotsa walls of him~ plus more of other super junior members I've yet to post up here haha~

1600x900 and the rest under the under the cut as usual ^^

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Finally got Back into sleeping a normal schedule haha, TT.TT

I was sooo tired yesterday though. NEVER AGAIN.

Hmmmmm Just thouhgt I'd drop by and share a few things, in a quick post befoer I go to class haha~

First off

Which I've already shared.

What I want to know however, is how you think it compares to this.

Its very different when a boy sings it  ne?

and just for anyone who likes Zhou Mi, here's my current wall paper, From pics of his performance of this XD.

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Someone, write me some fic of this pairing pleaaaaaaase.

I've kinda been in love with it ever since I saw that clip of Zhou Mi picking Donghae as the one who does Aegyo the most. but since its an off the wall pairing no one writes it. I just want one serious, non-crack, plausible fic of them, in Band!verse, not AU, that has a happy ending. Anything and I can die happy. Because the only ones I've found are either AU or don't end happily. and I've only found like.... 3. PLEASE. JUST ONE.
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I'm contemplating making a pimp post for Zhou Mi......

I'm really feeling a lack of Zhou Mi love right now, and my collection of Zhou Mi photos will soon be crossing the 700 mark. I LOVE THIS BOY.

He is just one of the most amazing things to ever be underrated. wow, he just makes me ......*shiver* gahhhhhhh~

and I've got a fairly nice collection of clips and stuff too, and am planning on looking into fic, so I can has a nice little pimp post of everything Zhou Mi.

What do you think F-list? Am I alone and insane in my love for Zhou Mi? or should I go ahead with the idea? Does anyone have anything Zhou Mi related to reccomend? pleeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaaasssssssssssseeeeeeeeee~
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If any one EVER wants to know I am FUCKING IN LOVE ZHOU MI I am showing THIS VIDEO.



Jul. 5th, 2010 11:04 pm
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its been a while ne?

Real life chatter )

But I have two things to share today

One is a new wallpaper 1600x900, of Donghae and Han Geng of super junior, and I say it's Hanhae, but it's really just a pretty picture of donghae and a pretty picture of Hannie that i though would look good together, and since I'm Hanhae biased I declared it to be a Hanhae wallie. If anyone has some Hi-res Donghae, Siwon, Leeteuk and Han Geng photo's that would look good together, let me know where to find them please~ I Have an itch to make graphics and since i'm extremely new to super junior fandom, I don't have the literal 6,000 photos of them like I do KAT-TUN

and the other thing is Han Geng's new song My Logo, you should definitely check it out, I really like it~
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Attack of the actually being allowed back on the internet. (my mom..... grrrrr)

I bring wallpapers!!!! again. sorry but they are way too much fun! (im having some trouble with uploading these so if the links don't work for you here is a link to the gallery where they are   -_-)
size is as usual 1600x900. here is a preview

the words are from It's you. but i didn't translate them so if its wrong don't kill me! btw I THINK this is Suju's Donghae. Please tell me if I'm wrong.

umm I have

Sakurai Sho [1]
Mastumoto Jun [1]
Akanishi Jin [2]
Kamenashi kazuya [2]
nakamaru Yuichi [1]
Tanaka Koki [1]
taguchi junnosuke [1]
Ueda Tatsuya [1]
Ryeowook [2]
Donghae [2]
G-Dragon [4]
Jae Joong [1]

under the cut!
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