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Jun. 16th, 2009 09:33 pm
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Playing catch up in the johnny's fandom, I never really had the chance to feel really frustrated about things.

I mean, there were always more things to see and download, look at and listen to, things that I hadn't come across before. but now as I'm beginning to settle in ( made it to my one year mark in may) I have come across my first real "ARGH" moment (as I affectionately call them).

Recently I was watching some older episodes of Shounen club, seeing as I had never really payed attention to the Juniors before, and I came across a performance by Ya-ya-yah. Now I KNEW that the had been disbanded for Yabu and Hikaru to go to Hey!Say!JUMP, and that Taiyou had quit JE. So as I knew that the band had been disbanded I hadn't really expected to have an "ARGH" moment over them.

The performance that I saw was a Perfomance of Itoshi no Playgirl. and Oh my god, did I fall in love with that song. I have absolutely no Idea what it means because I don't speak japanese, but I just ADORE the song. And this is where I ran into my frustration. Ya-ya-yah will never debut since they're disbanded, and so likelyhood that We'll ever get a studio recording of it.... pretty low.

I mean, we might. After all, News did Stand Up and that was a KKKitty song ( I think )... and so we might get a recording....

Oh, god, I hope so. I want one SOOOOO bad. I'm not entirely sure why I like this song so much but, I want a studio recording so bad! so, so bad!

I will hold hope in the fact that hey!Say!JUMP performed it on their JUMPING tour ( one small glimmer of hope) and continue to listen to the rip off the performances I have found.

I never thought I'd see the day when I would get so frustrated over a song like this...


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