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Wall inspired by my Collab fic with [ profile] summer0smiles ^^ We really need a title for this fic bb.

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I'm really in a MinKey mood lol

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I've been pretty absent from LJ for a while Haven't I? I'm sorry >.< A lot of stuff as happened and now I'm finally feeling the urge to post again.

I don't have any update on Child at Heart for anyone, sadly, but hopefully I'll push through and find the inspiration to write again... but no promises. I feel bad for leaving this so long, and teh next chapter is even half written, and I'm determined to get to the end of this one.

To celebrate my return to LJ I felt I'd Share some stuff that has built up over my Hiatus. Mainly some graphics, but there a few drabbles and ficlets in there too.

First of some HanHae
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and then some more walls
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Some Zhou Mi icons, just a few of the better ones lol.

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FICS BANNERS! For Only a Cat, and Child at Heart hehehehehe~

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And here are a few little drabbles from this meme i started but never finished. Figured I'd might as well post what I had.

Title: Not So Different
Characters: TVXQ's Changmin and U-kiss's Kevin
Summary: Kevin comes to Changmin with a little problem

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Title: Not so Bad
Pairings: HanMi, slight KyuChul
Summary: Han Geng has a a bone to pick with Zhou Mi

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Title: Not So Forgetten
Characters: Suju's Donghae and Arashi's Aiba Masaki
Summary: What happens you bump into your past but don't know it?

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Felt like sharing, For those of you who read my HaeMi fic "Liquid Flame" I made a wall based off of it, and Figured you might enjoy it.

As always, its 1600x900


Feb. 3rd, 2011 12:17 pm
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Needed something happy after that depressing last post, so you all get lot of Zhou Mi walls, because he makes me smile~ well super junior in genreal makes me smile, but Zhou Mi is one if the big ones haha~ he's cute~ Fang Shou came on today, and and it was so pretty I couldn't help but grin <3 <3 <3 fwaaaaaah Mimi! Wo Ai Ni! and Then Leeteuk and Shindong new trot song came on, and I was doubly happy~

Is it kinda pathetic if I admit I think Super Junior has been the only reason I've smile today? When I catch my self smile, I'm thinking of them, when I listen to their music I smiled, and when I read stuff about them and saw their pictures and videos I smiled, they make me happy haha!

but MIMI!!!! lotsa walls of him~ plus more of other super junior members I've yet to post up here haha~

1600x900 and the rest under the under the cut as usual ^^

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man,  have a crap load of wallpapers to share lol

As usual, they are 1600x900

I have
[3] Kyuhyun
[1]Taguchi Junnosuke

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as always i have problem with linking so if the photo links don't work just copy and paste the links under each picture into the browser to go to the page it's on XD

here's the link to the Gallery that has all of the Wallpapers that I've made before.


Jul. 5th, 2010 11:04 pm
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its been a while ne?

Real life chatter )

But I have two things to share today

One is a new wallpaper 1600x900, of Donghae and Han Geng of super junior, and I say it's Hanhae, but it's really just a pretty picture of donghae and a pretty picture of Hannie that i though would look good together, and since I'm Hanhae biased I declared it to be a Hanhae wallie. If anyone has some Hi-res Donghae, Siwon, Leeteuk and Han Geng photo's that would look good together, let me know where to find them please~ I Have an itch to make graphics and since i'm extremely new to super junior fandom, I don't have the literal 6,000 photos of them like I do KAT-TUN

and the other thing is Han Geng's new song My Logo, you should definitely check it out, I really like it~
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Has anyone heard Gummy's new song Since He's a man? It's sooooo good you should good definitely give it a listen~ I'll probably post a the music video later, its really cute! the couple has really good chemistry~

in other matters it stormed all day today~ Finally made it home after errands and picking up dinner to find out the power was out - after a taking quite a detour because there was a huge crash on my normal route home~

But as far as school and errands went it was a pretty good day, made it through about six or seven chapters in my ap government study guide~ so i'm on schedule.

FYE was having  a nice little sale on their clearance T-shirts, and i managed to pick up a Naruto, a Bleach, and a death note shirt for my self and a Domo-Kun one for my sister for ten dollars and some odd change. not a bad deal if I do say so myself

not much else to say for today. and for today's wallpaper you're getting yamapi~ thanks Zvemi for directing me to those News Scans, They're quite nice.

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Waaaaah~ It's been forever since I posted anything....

Once Again I got in trouble with my mother, and got grounded.... as usual lol. I can't seem to go more than a month without doing SOMETHING and getting in trouble.

But anyways~ I'm back!

I got a Laptop as a graduation present from my amazingly awesome grandparents and, it is the most amazing thing EVER. A full Terabyte Hard drive, 8 Gigs of RAM.... It's sooooo awesome!!! I love it~

School is driving me a bit crazy, I have my AP exams coming up, and I'm not feeling prepared at all~ WHY did the school decide to take two year long courses and make them share one class period so we only get half the usual time? I feel not ready at ALL. I'm particularly stressing over the American Government and English Literature exams, we've done almost NO actual test preparation! Well, I know what I'll be spending most of my weekend doing~

But not only do i have those tests coming up but I have TWO only the same day, and they are THREE HOUR long tests!!! TT.TT and that day also happens to be my birthday.... and a monday. NOT FUN I TELL YOU~

and on top of that I'm job hunting and trying to get things figured out for college. busy busy~

for today I'll just leave you with a wallpaper I made the other day, my other news ones are on my old computer and I'll have post them separately

If anyone wants to give some High quality scans or something they want made into a wallpaper I'd be happy to oblige~

I've kinda hit a point where I want to make something but I can't find any photos to make them with. I'm hoping some requests will get me up and running again.

that's it then, Melody out~
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Attack of the actually being allowed back on the internet. (my mom..... grrrrr)

I bring wallpapers!!!! again. sorry but they are way too much fun! (im having some trouble with uploading these so if the links don't work for you here is a link to the gallery where they are   -_-)
size is as usual 1600x900. here is a preview

the words are from It's you. but i didn't translate them so if its wrong don't kill me! btw I THINK this is Suju's Donghae. Please tell me if I'm wrong.

umm I have

Sakurai Sho [1]
Mastumoto Jun [1]
Akanishi Jin [2]
Kamenashi kazuya [2]
nakamaru Yuichi [1]
Tanaka Koki [1]
taguchi junnosuke [1]
Ueda Tatsuya [1]
Ryeowook [2]
Donghae [2]
G-Dragon [4]
Jae Joong [1]

under the cut!
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More attempts at wallies, it's kinda addicting to make them now that i'm kinda getting the hang of it. once again 1600x900
There is one of each member of NEWS

here is Ryo's the rest are under the cut!

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So.... I was bored and decided to mess around with photoshop and try to make some desktop wallpapers. I've never made any before so these are my first attempts at it and they are probably very bad. the size is 1600x900 cause that's the size of my computer screen. Ummm, there is one of Yamapi, and two of changmin and jaejoong from DBSK and one of johnny's jr. Kyomoto Taiga.

here is the yamapi one, the others are under the cut.

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