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Jul. 3rd, 2009 09:40 pm
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I had the most Awesome Dream last night!

I dreamt about Ueda! It was so COOL!

It was a really wierd dream... and Ueda only showed up for the very last part, but the last part was really long so I didn't mind.

I really can't remember what happened in the very beginning, but it was very strange, something about a space station and a space ship.... some one died... and I think that I was a boy... I seem to dream about that a lot actually (I'm a Girl btw), someone died I think...I dunno, It's all really just vague images for me.

But anyways, towards the end of the dream I was myself again(a Girl) and Ueda showed up, because He was having some sort of solo concert out at some hotel on the beach near where I live ( that beach is pretty much ALL hotel and condos).

I'm not really sure why he was out my house but, I still had the space ship from earlier in the dream so I offered to fly him out to the hotel.

so we went and I was SOOO nervous, and kept thinking "What if I make a complete fool of myself?" and "Am I annoying him?" because he was being pretty standoffish, and didn't talk to me a ALL.

We get there and some how the the spaceship tranforms into this pickup truck and trailer and so Ueda decides that he's going to to park it and so we do, and then we geet out and head to the place where he was having his concert. I get ready to head back home but then Ueda turns to me and says that I can come in If I want and thanks me.

Through out this entire dream Ueda is speaking English even though it was still pretty heavily accented, which was cool.

So I go in and find a seat of to the left side of the stage in about the third or fourth row. I sit for a while and other people start coming in, mostly kind of middle aged men and women. I'm not sure exactly HOW Ueda Got roped into it, but it seemed that the concert was entertainment for some business convention.

Some olderguy I don't know ends up sitting by me, and I overhear two women discussing a strange girl how kept going on about KAT-TUN. Now, I knew it wasn't me, because I had been quiet the whole time I had been in there. the two women were all like, "what the heck is KAT-TUN?"

I look around and don't really see anyone that stands out, so I l slouch down in my seat and try not to seem strange because I was a fangirl just like they were talking about. on stage I can see Ueda talking with a couple of men, and I assume that he's trying to get some last minute things figured out because they are walking around and gesturing.

then the lights start to dimm and everyone goes off stage including Ueda. then in a minute or so he comes back on wearing a really bright blue shirt with a dark blue pattern and a pair of dark pants. I'm not sure if they were black or just really dark denim. but anyway He kneels on the stage and gives some kind of speech in japanese before he gets up and starts to play the piano and sing a song that I had never heard before. Then He performs Hana no Mau Machi(i think that's what it's called) and love in snow.

During the performance, I notice someone quietly fangirling in the seats in front of me, so I reach out an poke her on the shoulder. she turns around and I realize that it is one of my best friends that I got into KAT-TUN. I was suprised and I ended up shouting out her name. once I had realized what I had done, I immeadiately had an Oh Crap! moment, before security guard walks over, and asks what that loud noise was.

Now, I REALLY dodn't wan't to leave, so I turn to him and ask "what loud noise?"

the guy sitting next to me looks at me strangely but doesn't say anything, and the guard eventually left an we go back to watching Ueda.

After a little a Strange sort of Flashback thing occurs and I'm like hovering over this scene of all of KAT-TUN in a dressing room. They're speaking Japanese but I have some wierd autotranslate thing going on because I hear english, but I KNOW their speaking Japanese. Any way they were talking about showing up at something for ueda, and Jin was being an Utter dork, and unbelivably cute, making jokes with kame and pouting at Ueda ( no Idea why), and kame was changing his shirt so I got a nice view of him shirtless. Ueda was leaning up against a table or dresser, I don't know which, kinda of glaring at Jin's pout, until Kame gets annoyed with Jin and shoves him over to Ueda, and walks out the door. Jin kind of looks at Ueda for a moment  and then glomps him, and Ueda just can't quite seem to stay angry and settles for rolling his eyes at Jin ( inner Jinda Fangirl flailed so hard).

The scene fades out and I'm back at the concert and then KAT-TN shows up and starts sing and Ueda starts walking around the rows and when He's walking right behind me I turn around and tell him that I'm a Big fan of his and KAT-TUN. He kinda of looks shocked ofr a moment, but then grins and is all like, "Really?"

I practicaly shake my head off nodding, and tell him that I have all four of their albums, and when he asks to see I kinda freak out because , I realized that I had DOWNLOADED the albums and He wouldn't be very happy about that, so I tell him I had  left them at home, and feel really guilty about lying and terrified about Him finding out, because I was gonna have to bring him back from the concert.

I honestly don't remember much of what happens after that point, but I woke up soon after any way so I guess it doesn't really matter.

It was still a really awesome dream, I've been on cloud nine all day, because of it.
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I think I'm starting to like Ueda more than Junno. It's driving me crazy.

I don't WANT to like Ueda more than Junno, cause Junno seriously needs more love. I adore Junno. Junno is amazingly awesome love love.

But Ueda is starting to make me very very happy.

And it sucks.

I still don't like either of them more than Aiba, but still. I want my favorite JE boys to go Aiba, Junno, Ueda, Massu....... but Ueda is trying to squish Junno out of place.

Maybe I should tie them as my favorites of KAT-TUN?

But then I wouldn't have a Definite Favorite. This didn't bother me even half as much when Junno replaced Jin, or When Ueda put Jin out of second place.

It's probably just me being wierd though.
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So, I've been watching KAT-TUN's Rescue PV a lot lately, and it's really very good, I think.

I like the Atmosphere of the PV with all the darkness, and I like the dancing too. However something wierded me out a little when I watched it.
Ueda's dance solo.

I mean, Ueda is so slender and PRETTY looking, seeing him dancing with girls was STRANGE. Because..... Ueda just seemed to FIT. Like he belonged more with the girls than with the rest of KAT-TUN.

It just threw me off a little bit. I Dunno..... Maybe I'm just wierd.


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