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I feel like a Mini MinKey picspam.

So there.
Minkey )

and while I'm at it. I'll do a Little Jaemin one tooooo. Because I love Jaemin.

JaeMin )

and how about some JinDa?

JinDa )

and Hell, Have some Dongseob.

Dongseob )

errrrr Ryomassu is super adorable and more people should ship it?

Ryomassu )

Okay Stopping Stopping! Before I spam you with all my pairings.

except two last pics... LOL



Best Pairings EVER. the end.
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Waaaaah~ It's been forever since I posted anything....

Once Again I got in trouble with my mother, and got grounded.... as usual lol. I can't seem to go more than a month without doing SOMETHING and getting in trouble.

But anyways~ I'm back!

I got a Laptop as a graduation present from my amazingly awesome grandparents and, it is the most amazing thing EVER. A full Terabyte Hard drive, 8 Gigs of RAM.... It's sooooo awesome!!! I love it~

School is driving me a bit crazy, I have my AP exams coming up, and I'm not feeling prepared at all~ WHY did the school decide to take two year long courses and make them share one class period so we only get half the usual time? I feel not ready at ALL. I'm particularly stressing over the American Government and English Literature exams, we've done almost NO actual test preparation! Well, I know what I'll be spending most of my weekend doing~

But not only do i have those tests coming up but I have TWO only the same day, and they are THREE HOUR long tests!!! TT.TT and that day also happens to be my birthday.... and a monday. NOT FUN I TELL YOU~

and on top of that I'm job hunting and trying to get things figured out for college. busy busy~

for today I'll just leave you with a wallpaper I made the other day, my other news ones are on my old computer and I'll have post them separately

If anyone wants to give some High quality scans or something they want made into a wallpaper I'd be happy to oblige~

I've kinda hit a point where I want to make something but I can't find any photos to make them with. I'm hoping some requests will get me up and running again.

that's it then, Melody out~


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