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so finally back at school, moved into the dorm, UCF, here I come lol.

ahhhhh, I really need to go shopping, but me an mom found some nice clothes last night before she left, so i have six new shirts kyehehehe.

but really clothes shopping isn't the kind of shopping i need to do, i need to go get food! i dont have anything but instant ramen TT_TT and ramen isn't a breakfast food. tbh, i dunno what to go buy. I have a kitxhen so i can coook food, but im so used to the junk that i used to eat all the time i dunno what to make.

plus i need cooking utensils and coat hangers, and a laundry hamper as well. so much stuff!

hmmm, its getting later in teh day, if i don't go soon, its gonna be to crowded to go TT_TT.

ah, okay, going to target. wish me luck!


Aug. 3rd, 2011 12:48 pm
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So everyone? Whats ur current OTP? I'm still shipping My Hanhae, although Minkey and Jaemin are a close second hahahaha~ and HaeMi~
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So, F-list. I'm kinda curious today ^^

What are everone's top five most played songs on their ipod/whatever?

Mine are:

1)0330 - Ukiss
2)When I Fall - After School
3)Let it Rain - SNSD
4)perfection - SJM
5)I don't Understand - Ukiss

How about u guys?


Jul. 27th, 2011 01:10 am
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Found out my fathers family has a history of severe heart disease.

My aunt died in her 30's and my great grandfather died at 40 of heart failure O_O So young! thats like only 15/20 years from now!

makes me a little worried about the chest pains and random heart... things... I get.

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I had NO Idea what I was getting into, lol.

So i got my first job ever, working out as a housekeeper for a resort on the beach. I'm stationed in the lobby so I keep the place swept, mopped, the public bathrooms clean and stocked, wiped down the tables, furniture straightened, ect. and man...

I will never take it for granted again, after 8 hours of cleaning I'm so sore, and i get to go again tonight TT_TT at least I'm making slightly more than minimum wage at eight dollars an hour. but this work is hard, and its damn hot here in florida TT_TT

Oh well. Keep focused on the money. I can do this. I just wish that i didn't have to work quite so late, my shift is from 3-11 pm. and I'm bringing dinner and an energy drink tonight. last night IU forgot and I was soooooooo hungry and tired when i got off.

Wish me luck!
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currently attacking my Old collection of KAT-TUN photos.

Expect many, many, many wallpapers lol.

Roughly fifty down, currently 73 to go, and more to come. hehehehehehehe~
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Been eating a lot of ramen lately, And Kinda curious what everyone puts in theirs?

I've only got a microwave, so for me, I usually add things that don't have to be cooked in it: Cheese (American, Muenster, mozzarella, Provolone) , Kimchi (So good in the korean Ramyun... never tried it with American ramen, an dI don't really want to bleh), Onion (regular and green), Lunch meat (roast beef normally), imitation crab, chicken, tofu, beef strips, Soy sauce, wtf is it... sriracha Chili sauce? yeah thats good too~, Hard boiled eggs....

My fridge smells soooo wierd XD

What about you guys? Do you have anything you put in your ramen?
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feel like right now is the battle of the girl groups lol, SO MANY performing and releasing stuff right now.

who all are on the Music show right now/have debuted or comeback in the past month?
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So what about everyone else? Any Girl groups you are keeping an Eye on? Excited for come backs and Debuts of all the boy groups that seem to be lining up for the next few months?

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If this actually posts up I'm going to be pissed.

I have, repeatedly tried to upload the next chapter of "Child at Heart" today. I've been doing this for the past f hours off and on and no luck.

Why will you not let me post?

On and unrelated note, I think I'm going to chop my hand off. Its not simply content be numb. Oh no.

it seems to have decided that aching and throbbing like hell is the best way to go. but not all the time to where I can tune it out, but and freakin on, and i can't figure out what is triggering the damn thing. and so I'm so pleasantly surprised when it randomly hurts to type >.<

and I swear it was only two fingers before, so hte middle finger tingling? not so happy about that. and would you PLEASE LET ME STRAIGHTEN THE OTHER TWO OUT ALL THE WAY?

honestly, all i want is a functional dominant hand. Is that so hard?

and its raining today, and i have two class completely across campus, and its friggin lightning and thundering and PLEASE cancel calss today.

I feel like all I've done is bitch and complain this past week. and I have the next chapter done. all done. but i can't post it.


Apr. 4th, 2011 12:09 am
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So i was planning on uploading the next chapter of child at heart tonight.... and then i realized that the feeling of constant nausea that had been slowly creeping up on me the last couple of days had increased ten fold.

I still need to revise the current chapter from the first draft, and i don't think I'm going to be able to concentrate enough tonight not to butcher it.

Sorry guys. give me another day or two and I'll have it for you , i promise.

now I'm going to go back to laying down and hoping that i don't require use of the restroom before my dorm mate gets out, because i really have nowhere to throw up besides the toilet.


So Tired.

Apr. 2nd, 2011 01:50 pm
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ugghh. I am BEYOND exhausted >.<

I really really need to get my sleeping cycle back into normal parameters, but I just can't seem to do it. TT.TT

Ah, so tired. I need to stay up for the rest of today so i can go to sleep at a normal time tonight, but i dunno if i can pull it off haha. I swear if i drink anymore coffee i'm either gonna get sick or fly off into little bitty bits. and thinking?  well, thats a little hard right now. My room mate was talking to me earlier and i swear, it was almost like she was speaking another language it took me so long to catch on. argh.

plus i'm freezing, but when i put my jacket on i get too hot, so i'm sitting here shivering my ass off, but its like 67 degrees in the dorm, so its not THAT bad, but i'm soooo cold. plus my nose is running and I'm sneezing alot like I always do when i get tired, and ugh, i swear i've too much coffee and not enough food, or something, because my stomach is like... bleh,

and i think i might have pulled something in my chest somehow cause it's kinda achey, and twinges if i move to sharply, or breathe deeply, which is kinda hard in and of its self, because my chest feels a little tight, and my arm is still kinda numb and tingly like it fell asleep but only in the last two fingers, and thats been bugging me for days now. 

hmmm...and my hands a re even shakier than normal... i think thats the shivering though.

arggh, just a few more hours....

well actually I'm not that tired feeling anymore, but just kinda.... out of it. I've hit the "so tired i'm not tired " stage for the third time... >.<

This. i need to stop this.

lol, my friend suggested going and and doing something, and i told her "me? driving when i'm this tired? not a good idea."

last time i tried it i nearly got myself broadsided, that woke me up right quick, but i'd rather not risk it >.<

really wanna nap, but afriad I'll sleep through the alarm. god i need to get better habits *sweat drop*

sorry for ranting but i need to do something to stay awake at this point. gah.

New Layout

Mar. 30th, 2011 10:45 pm
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So, I redid my layout haha, ^^ Seems kinda nice, and spring like to me, so I'm happy~

I kinda wanted to change the text for teh "comment" links and the like, but nothing came to me that didn't seem lame....

Anyone wanna help me out? hahahaha!

Ermm Other than that, I've a few fandom related things to share, but they can go under the cut hahaha!
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Mar. 22nd, 2011 08:18 pm
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I think Amber has some competition....

These are all Girls. O.O

There is a Korean version too.... but this Time sung by guys.... the voices aren't that much different o.O

am I the only who finds that MISSter group kinda cool?

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So I felt like doing another Top Ten which then got expanded into Top 15 cuz I couldn't decide list haha but this time instead of boys, Of Pairings~ Any Pairings from Anything~
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Meme from [ profile] endlessbabysky

Comment with BONAMANA and I'll give you a person for this;
1. Choose a picture of the funniest face on your person.
2. Choose a picture of your person eating.
3. Choose a picture of your person with an animal.
4. Choose a picture of your person with a member of the opposite sex.
5. Choose a picture of where you would have sex with this person.
6. Choose a picture of your person in the best outfit.
7. Choose a picture of your person smiling.
8. Choose a picture of your person half naked.
9. Choose a picture of your person doing an outdoor activity.
10. Choose your favorite picture of this person

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Top Ten

Mar. 10th, 2011 01:49 pm
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Lol, It's been a while so i decided to redo my top ten boys list~ Not just Koreans but any boy haha~
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So everyone, what are YOUR favs?
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So, First things first.

About Moon Struck. I think I'm Going to call an Indefinite Hiatus to that fic. I really like the premise, but I'm going no where with the writing, and It's just sitting there, and I SAY I'm gonna pick it up and write more, but every Time I do, I end up erasing what I've written. It was poorly planned, and probably far too ambitious for a First attempt at writing.

So I'm gonna put it on Hiatus, so You guys know I'm not planning on updating it anytime soon.

HOWEVER. I'm not discontinuing it. If I get a flash of inspiration, I may yet update, or revisit the Storyline at some point or another, maybe rewrite it, I don't know, but for now at least, I'm taking a break. I love the story, but I really need to sit down, plan out where exactly I want to go, get a better hold of the characters, and what I want to do it, is just a little too much for me to handle at this point.

I'd rather call it off now, than stumble through the rest of the story, and have it turn out like shit. at least like this I can pick it up later. I feel really really guilty about this, as I know there were a few of you who liked and followed it, and I'm sorry TT.TT but as a rookie Fan-fic writer I'm afraid I bit off more than I could chew with this.

Hopefully for all you Sihae fans out there, I might write more Fics, but I have to say i lean more towards HanHae than any pairing, and that's what you are going to see most from me.

Which brings me to my second point.

I have this HanHae fic I'm working on and it's getting pretty long. I'm at about 8,200 words and counting, and I'm wondering if you guys would prefer If i waited till I finished writing to post it, or If you want me to post as I go.

It's kinda naturally split itself into chunks anywhere from 700-1,500 words, which make for adequate, if short, chapters.

So the deal is, I can periodically post up those Chunks as I complete them, and at that size I'll definitely finish at least one in week, no matter how slow a Writer I am. so you can expect that, or I can post it at the end in Big 7,000+ word chunks, like I had originally planned, but god knows when I'll finish the fic.

It's up to you and how you would prefer to read it. Small chunks over time, or all at once some random I don't know how long place in the future.

so yeah, that's pretty much it~

I've also got a Chibi!Suju fic-verse in the works, where they all live on a island of the coast of korea, small village, ect. cliche and all that, and just an excuse to write Kid!super junior to be frank, so If anyone wants to suggest Ideas or pairings, I've got nothing in stone other than it's a SiHanHae verse. it's nothing fancy, just a little play ground for me to write drabbles in, so suggest away.
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hmmm just to throw a little question out to ya'll on my F-list.

If you had to Identify your top kpop fandoms, which would you choose, in order. No more than Five please.

for Example:


Kiss Me
Black Jack

and also, does anyone like to skype chat? audio or not, it doesn't matter, but it gets quite boring up in my dorm sometimes.


Jan. 13th, 2011 06:55 pm
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Waaaaah felt like I needed a major huge flail post, because there is just so much going on in Kpop fandom right now that i loooooove~

also contemplating starting to update for more than just my Fics and Graphics..... I'm so alone here on campus TT_TT I need to flail haha~ also have many many graphics that need to be uploaded
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Has anyone heard Gummy's new song Since He's a man? It's sooooo good you should good definitely give it a listen~ I'll probably post a the music video later, its really cute! the couple has really good chemistry~

in other matters it stormed all day today~ Finally made it home after errands and picking up dinner to find out the power was out - after a taking quite a detour because there was a huge crash on my normal route home~

But as far as school and errands went it was a pretty good day, made it through about six or seven chapters in my ap government study guide~ so i'm on schedule.

FYE was having  a nice little sale on their clearance T-shirts, and i managed to pick up a Naruto, a Bleach, and a death note shirt for my self and a Domo-Kun one for my sister for ten dollars and some odd change. not a bad deal if I do say so myself

not much else to say for today. and for today's wallpaper you're getting yamapi~ thanks Zvemi for directing me to those News Scans, They're quite nice.


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