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Attack of the actually being allowed back on the internet. (my mom..... grrrrr)

I bring wallpapers!!!! again. sorry but they are way too much fun! (im having some trouble with uploading these so if the links don't work for you here is a link to the gallery where they are   -_-)
size is as usual 1600x900. here is a preview

the words are from It's you. but i didn't translate them so if its wrong don't kill me! btw I THINK this is Suju's Donghae. Please tell me if I'm wrong.

umm I have

Sakurai Sho [1]
Mastumoto Jun [1]
Akanishi Jin [2]
Kamenashi kazuya [2]
nakamaru Yuichi [1]
Tanaka Koki [1]
taguchi junnosuke [1]
Ueda Tatsuya [1]
Ryeowook [2]
Donghae [2]
G-Dragon [4]
Jae Joong [1]

under the cut!
here )

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A friend of mine was spending some time with me last week. She isn't really a JE fan but Likes KAT-TUN well enough. I'm working on getting her into the rest of JE. 

So I decided to make her watch a J-drama with me.

I hadn't decided on a Drama to watch when I stumbled upon the synopsis for Kimi wa Petto. I hadn't seen it yet, although I had heard of it, and the description immediately ignited my Arashi Love.

So of course I dragged her in there and made her watch it with me. She immediately  fell in love with it, and so did I. We watched the first two episodes that night and then marathoned it the next day.

So now her Mantra is KAT-TUN, KAT-TUN, KAT-TUN....... and MatsuJun!

Still not into Arashi that much which sucks... although in another attempt to convert her I made her look at the photos for AAA 2008. Ohno was SEX in those pictures. I mean seriously, usually I don't go for ohno but here he was HOT. And Aiba unfortunately wasn't sex, which dissapointed me because He's my favorite.

so then I told her that her Nickname would no longer be Kame, but would be OhnoSex from then on, which of course sent her into laughter fits every time I said it.

Later that night we went to go rent movies and while standing in line  I mutter to her " OhnoSex."

To which she randomly makes a Jeff Dunham reference and goes " On a STEEK"

Of course my mind goes straight to the gutter with that imagery, and I give her a Strange look. I'm quiet for a moment and then go (quite loudly I might add) " with NINO!"

So now it's an inside joke between us.
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I was watching the performances of Believe that Arashi did recently, during one of them I couldn't help but laugh.

Unfortunately I don't remember which one it was, and so can't tell you that. But that's not important. What IS important is what Matsujun was wear.

Some kind of trench coat type thing and a scarf. That's all I remember clearly, but when I saw it one thing went through my mind.

"OMG MatsuJun  looks like Harry Potter....... or at least like he goes to Hogwarts." Because seriously, The clothes reminded me so much of what the students wear at hogwarts.

I'm probably the only one in the Entire world who thought that, but what can I say, I'm wierd.

Now, I can't help but imagine Arashi at Hogwarts....

I'm going insane.


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