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So, I decided to make a Master post for all my graphics. I only really have walls, and they're all 1600x900. but take a look if you want~

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Hey F-List!!

I'm looking for some music recs... Preferably not in english, but any other language is good lol.

Genre... I don't really care.

Have a band you think more people should love? Throw it at me.

Give me as many links and names as you want, I'm in a music mood~

Thanks in advance~


Aug. 31st, 2011 08:45 pm
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I have 150 Donghae icons, that I've made... now I'm not really a good icon make so its mostly just quick edits, but you are welcome to use these to make your own icons ^^

you can download them here
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somebody write a fic where siwon is a male cheerleader plz lol. the image of him being a cheerleader and dancing to SNSD's Oh won't leave my head TT_TT
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Title: Round and round we go Part 5
Pairings: HanHae, Hanchul, HaeMi, Qmi, WonKyu
Rating: PG
Summary:Donghae wants Han Geng, but Han Geng has Heechul. Donghae is willing to do whatever it take to get him, but Donghae never expected that 'whatever it took' came with another Heart that was set on him.

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Wall inspired by my Collab fic with [ profile] summer0smiles ^^ We really need a title for this fic bb.

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Untitled part 3
Pairings: HanHae, Hanchul, HaeMi, and Kyu/???
Rating: G for now
Summary:Donghae wants Han Geng, but Han Geng has Heechul. Donghae is willing to do whatever it take to get him, but Donghae never expected that 'whatever it took' came with another Heart that was set on him.

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*whistles innocently* Okay Summer, I gave you some stuff to play with ^^ Where does it go from here? Also I needed some outlet for the whole heechul army thing, so this is what you get. >.<
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Feeling like Sharing some Zhou Mi love, So I'll link some Stu I've found o the course of My being his fan ^^

I found some Zhou Mi A Day Comms.... but they don't seem to be active TT_TT Still, Take a look through them, and see some pretty Mimi

and there is some twitter ones too

Some Crunchy roll Clubs~


Some Zhou Mi in various blogs

His Soompi Thread

Asian Fantics Thread

Translation of his Fan Replies


International Forums

His page on the super junior Handbook

hmmm... Oh Yeah! and Zhou Mi's Suju Guide Video


Aug. 25th, 2011 02:38 pm
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I was wondering... Is there a YEhae Comm? Because I've been craving some Yehae lately. I think there should be one.

and also. Is there a Zhou Mi A Day Comm? Becuase I want one. I've got enough pictures of our Mimi to last a couple of Years... and I want more. TT_TT Where's teh Mimi love? Is there an Active Leeteuk one? o.O or the other members... how many of them have active pic a day comms?

and you know what else would be really neat? A comm that what kinda like K-pop secrets, but with audio and video instead. Or a comm devoted to Donghae rare!Pairs. Or K-pop Rare pairs in general.

*sighs* I waaaaant TT_TT
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Pairings: Onesided HanHae, Implied HanChul,  Ninja!HaeMi
Rating: G for now
Summary: Donghae wants Han Geng, but Han Geng has Heechul. Donghae is willing to do whatever it take to get him, but Donghae never expected that 'whatever it took' came with another Heart that was set on him.

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Written as the first part of a collaboration with [ profile] summer0smiles .

Its your turn bb. fighting!
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OMG Heechul....

I thought we had teh rest of the year, and now its only a little over a week. Not fair. TT_TT
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so finally back at school, moved into the dorm, UCF, here I come lol.

ahhhhh, I really need to go shopping, but me an mom found some nice clothes last night before she left, so i have six new shirts kyehehehe.

but really clothes shopping isn't the kind of shopping i need to do, i need to go get food! i dont have anything but instant ramen TT_TT and ramen isn't a breakfast food. tbh, i dunno what to go buy. I have a kitxhen so i can coook food, but im so used to the junk that i used to eat all the time i dunno what to make.

plus i need cooking utensils and coat hangers, and a laundry hamper as well. so much stuff!

hmmm, its getting later in teh day, if i don't go soon, its gonna be to crowded to go TT_TT.

ah, okay, going to target. wish me luck!
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So ecxited to see a comeback from this man~ I love his voice, and he's cute, has a great vibe... *sighs happily* and there is a great contrast with Yoseob's voice ( which is always love). this song is sooooo catchy.

I laugh when i think of the cover art, with the transformer esque  robot? because doesn't  it sound like a song that almost would it the ending credits or something?


Plus the MV is cool. To bad is already been banned >.<
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I feel like a Mini MinKey picspam.

So there.
Minkey )

and while I'm at it. I'll do a Little Jaemin one tooooo. Because I love Jaemin.

JaeMin )

and how about some JinDa?

JinDa )

and Hell, Have some Dongseob.

Dongseob )

errrrr Ryomassu is super adorable and more people should ship it?

Ryomassu )

Okay Stopping Stopping! Before I spam you with all my pairings.

except two last pics... LOL



Best Pairings EVER. the end.
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I'm really in a MinKey mood lol


Aug. 3rd, 2011 12:48 pm
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So everyone? Whats ur current OTP? I'm still shipping My Hanhae, although Minkey and Jaemin are a close second hahahaha~ and HaeMi~
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So, F-list. I'm kinda curious today ^^

What are everone's top five most played songs on their ipod/whatever?

Mine are:

1)0330 - Ukiss
2)When I Fall - After School
3)Let it Rain - SNSD
4)perfection - SJM
5)I don't Understand - Ukiss

How about u guys?


Jul. 27th, 2011 01:10 am
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Found out my fathers family has a history of severe heart disease.

My aunt died in her 30's and my great grandfather died at 40 of heart failure O_O So young! thats like only 15/20 years from now!

makes me a little worried about the chest pains and random heart... things... I get.



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