Jun. 3rd, 2011 09:47 pm
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Kinda Curious F-List, Gimme Ten K-pop songs that you don't think most people will have heard. Something that's a little off the beaten track, something that makes you wonder, "why don't I hear people talking about this song?"

Comment here if you want, or better yet, make a post in your own journal with links to where we can find your songs. pose the question to your own friends. I'm curious to see what people come up with. Lets spread the love~

To Start us off, I'll share my 10~
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ahhhhhhh  Hope I did welll in bringing you soem new music, or maybe showing something you haven't heard in a while ^^ Feel free to share some songs that you don't think many people have heard hehe~

music meme

Mar. 14th, 2011 01:36 pm
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Reply to this post and I'll assign you a letter. List (and upload/link) 5 songs you love that begin with that letter. Post them to your journal with these instructions.

[ profile] endlessbabysky  gave me M~

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Meme from [ profile] endlessbabysky

Comment with BONAMANA and I'll give you a person for this;
1. Choose a picture of the funniest face on your person.
2. Choose a picture of your person eating.
3. Choose a picture of your person with an animal.
4. Choose a picture of your person with a member of the opposite sex.
5. Choose a picture of where you would have sex with this person.
6. Choose a picture of your person in the best outfit.
7. Choose a picture of your person smiling.
8. Choose a picture of your person half naked.
9. Choose a picture of your person doing an outdoor activity.
10. Choose your favorite picture of this person

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Did one similar to this before haha but [ profile] decodexx  posted one up, and My fandoms have changed some so i figured I do it again, lol.
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kyaaaaaaaaaaaaaah quite fun.
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Woooooh~ Meme~ from [ profile] miracleshining she gave me four fandoms and Now I'm Gonna tell you my favourite person from Each fandom. leave me a comment and I'll do the same for you ^^
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 When someone says "EunHae is mine! you can't have them!" what is your respond?

Have them. I'll keep them as friends thanks. Now HanHae~ That's mine.

 When someone says "EunHyuk is my bias!" what is your respond?

Mines Hae. So I guess that makes US EunHae *smirk*

When someone says "EunHyuk is so skinny!" what is your respond?

But he's CUTE *pout*

 When someone says "DongHae is my prince charming!" what is your respond?
No Way, No How, Nu uh! Hae is MINE I tell you.

 When someone says "DongHae is so cute and childish!" what is your respond?

Hae IS AN ONION. Layers people! *laughs*

 When someone says "EunHae forever!" what is your respond?

I will ignore your Eunhae and Substitute my own lovely world of SiHanKyuTeukHaeChul.......Mi.  Some one REALLY  needs to write a Donghae Centric fic for that. Would make my LIFE lol.

Is not tagging gomen ne~ is laaaazy.
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Fav picture of your girl kpop bias

Waaaah Sooyoung ^^

your favourite picture of your favourite Kpop group

not a picture but maaaan it's so GORGEOUS , out side with the lighting and the pretty singing and hot outfits *sighs happily*

A picture of a idol you think is Underrated

Dongwoon, B2ST maknae... he's so AMAZING but unfortunately doesn't have the fan base of the rest of beast......My blood still boils everytime i watch the TCOMG Say No mv..... 10-15 seconds? that's the best you can do? this isn't SNSD or Suju, you only have 6 boys!! there is NO excuse for how little screen time he got there. >.<

A  picture of an idol you think is over rated.
....There isn't.... really.  most of the idol who have that kinda thing going on i like as well.

Your favourite Kpop music video

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A kpop idol you wish was your younger sibling

Kyuhyun!! Cause then i'd have someone to be all snarky annoying with and someone to stay up to all hours playing videogames with, between the two of us we'd probably drive Han Geng (i chose him for older sibling) slightly crazy.... cause i've been likened to Kyuhyun meets Donghae. Donghae's energy and childlike awesomeness and Kyuhyun's snark and videogame obession.....with the actual kyu thrown in there with me.... kekekeke~

Your favourite interview of a kpop idol or group

OMG so fucking funny~ I swear even if you aren't a DBSK fan I'd suggest you check it out simply because it is soooo funny hahaha~

Your favourite picture if your guy kpop bias

Wahhh he's so pretty~ i love the lighting and the rain and LOOK Jaejoong is there too, which makes my GIGANTIC Jaemin bias very very happy~
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A kpop idol you wish was your older sibling.

Han Geng ^^ dunno why, but he seems really kind and caring and he COOKS and he's also fun and like, he knows martial arts and can beat people up for  kekekeke~ was also debating on maybe Yoochun too. but chose han geng in the end.
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A kpop song that makes you smile

This one never fails to make my day brighter everytime i listen to it. ahhh Miracle ^^

A kpop song that reminds me of someone you miss

Not so much that this reminds me of someone i miss as it makes me nostalgic. I listened to this a lot when was first getting into kpop that wasn't dbsk... it reminds me sitting in art class for hours and hours and just working....wahhh I had that same class for like three years (actually different class but same teacher and room) and everytime i hear this i think of that ^^ good thing i loved that class, ne?

Favourite kpop lyrics and Translation

나 다시 태어난 대도 오직 너 뿐이라고
째깍째깍 시간이 흘러도

Even if I am born again, It will only ever be you
Tic toc, tic toc, Even as time goes by.

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A kpop group i dislike and why.

probably T-ARA.... I don't DISLIKE them exactly.... But Bo Peep is the only song of theirs that i've ever really liked at all.... The just are completely uninteresting In my Opinion....

On a completely random note I want to share KyuHyun's ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUS solo from the King of Baking OST

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My favourite kpop music video

I LOVE this Video~ the style of it is so cool and i like the clothes and the dance and the song.... <3

The first Kpop song I ever heard

S.E.S. Dreams Come True some ohhhh six? seven? years ago. i like it and downloaded and didn't listen to another korean songs for years... but technically my first kpop song.

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Song that you would like to learn the dance to.

this dance is so cool~
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A little late but ah well.

Your favourite Kpop performance.

mmmmmm this one was really hard. but this is one  performance that i never get tired of watching so I think i'll choose this ^^ Beast's Comeback on Inkigayo with Shock.

although to be honest, I think i like this one better, but I've already cheated to much with DBSK's japanese stuff,

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Whoops missed yesterday TT.TT So two for today ^^

Day seven, A kpop song that makes you cry

I'm gonna Cheat a little again and use one of DBSK's japanese songs , but i don't think i've ever really cried for a kpop song but i cried watching this vid. DBSK is korean.  It counts, dang it.

Day eight, A kpop song you know all the words to.

I don't actually know all the words to it, but its the song i can sing along to best ^^, I think the week i spent listening to this on repeat helped lol. It's my Favourite Kpop song EVER, so it makes sense i guess...
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Fav song from your favourite girl group.

All hail the awesomeness of pretty boy ^^
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fav song from your favourite boy group

 Yes i know its in japanese but I still absolutely adore this song TT.TT
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ultimate kpop girl bias

OMG I love her~ she's adorable and pretty ^^

on another note i wish i could write fic TT.TT I have a random idea that's been bothering me for months and i can't find any fic like anywhere... TT.TT
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Day three, your ultimate Kpop Guy Bias.

Of course Its Changminnie ~ I've only been absolutely in love with him almost since i got into kpop ^^ someone could not love him i will never know or understand..... crazy people, kekekeke

and one more meme

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Day two, Your favorite k-pop girl group

 2NE1!!!!!! wah. they're so cool! not so cutsey like most other girl groups ^^


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