Jul. 25th, 2011

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This couldn't be happening. No. Not now. Please.

"Donghae! Please. Don't-"

He chokes a little, the threat of tears lodging itself firmly in his throat. Donghae, his Hae, couldn't be doing this. No way. Hands claw against the ground and he looks up.

"Why? Donghae?!"

Donghae. His Donghae. There was so much he needed to say but nothing that meant anything was escaping his lips. Why was is it so hard? there was never this problem, and now... Now it came to this.

He had loved him.

He still loved him.


His voice fades to a mere whisper, the conflicting emotions fighting for control and strangling his voice. How could he do this? He strains to make out Donghae's face in the flickering shadows. The emotion that so easily played across the others face was gone.

"Donghae please. Say something. Anything. Tell me why!"

The first tears fight their way free and trickle down his cheeks. A sob rises in his throat.

"Hae. No!"

The faint light glints off something metal in Donghae's hands.

A gun.

"No. Nonononononono-"

Donghae raises it.

Breathe. Breathe.

"Please tell me! Why Donghae? Hae?"


"Say something! Anything!"

 Oh god please no.

"I love you!"

A finger on the trigger and then-


"I'm sorry it had to be this way"

Donghae turns and looks at the body sprawled on the floor. and pulls the radio out of his pocket.

"Sir. The south Korean spy has been neutralized."


Donghae pockets the radio once again.

"You know. I do have one thing to tell you."

He turns away.

"I loved you too... Yesung."

A/N: I don't even  know what this is. I wasn't even thinking as I wrote it. and I meant it to HanHae but I got to the end and out popped yesungs name. thinking back now I kind of like it. I think it fits.

Basically I think YEsung was spy in North Korea, and Donghae is a charged with getting rid him. I Think its rather a split between Super junior, with certain members being spies and certain members  being actual north koreans, military or not.

WHat does Everyone think?Where do you think the rest of super junior will end up? who is on what side? *shrugs* I have no ideas for this universe, So if anyone wants to play around with it they are welcome to.


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